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UX and the Human Experience

Human behavior is greatly influenced by unconscious thought. With a basic understanding of human cognition, we can help anticipate user behavior. It’s easy to see that humans have the urge to improve things. Whether it be a self-driving car or start-ups like...

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Serendipity. Engineered.

Collaboration There is wondrous joy and terrific beauty, in collaborating with other human beings, to create objects, ideas, and emotions that we simply could not create alone. Everywhere you look, there are examples of things that exist because of human beings...

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Certainty in uncertainty.

There is a paradoxical tension running through every day of startup life. 90% of startups fail. The principles of Lean Startup, cycling through build > measure > learn, illuminate the swiftest path to a either a thriving business or the swiftest path to the...

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