Want a job?

WhoZoo is an early stage lean startup funded by the CA Technologies Accelerator program.

This exciting new product is a dynamic, self-learning map to the human beings in your ever-changing organization.

Finding the right person you need, at the right time, in a large, distributed organization can be near impossible. People waste so much time and energy, disrupt so many others looking for the person they need, and so often the right person is never found. It is so difficult to determine the strengths and responsibilities of people in an organization and to see how people truly collaborate.

WhoZoo aims to solve these problems using the latest advances in Expert Graph, Deep Learning and NLP technology. We are building a solution that helps connect human beings inside an organization in a meaningful, unbiased and inclusive way.

WhoZoo is “Serendipity. Engineered.”

The WhoZoo team is a fast-paced, startup environment. We believe in a safe, transparent working culture, where everyone can thrive, grow and move at a speed enabled by shared trust.

We believe that the happiness of the team is as important to us as the happiness of our customers.

We’re looking for team members that are passionate, love team-building and who can #BringWhatYouBring to help us build our vision of WhoZoo into a product that can help human beings collaborate in organizations across the planet.

Available Positions

  • Lead Web UI Engineer – FILLED!
  • Lead SaaS Engineer
  • Web UI Engineer – FILLED!
  • SaaS Engineer – FILLED!
  • Data Scientist – FILLED!
  • Principal UX Designer – FILLED!
  • Product Marketing Manager – FILLED!